Ministry of Health calls out Olamide over Wo video

The Federal Government is unhappy with Olamide over the music video for his new hit song Wo.

The Federal Ministry of Health describing the video content as dangerous, took to Twitter to call out Olamide for "promoting tobacco smoking" with his "Wo" video.

"The public is informed of the dangerous public health content & violation of 🇳🇬 Tobacco Ctrl Act 2015 in "Wo" by @olamide_YBNL #ClearTheAir"

"The content & video contains scenes that violates the ban on Tobacco Advertising, Promotion & Sponsorship provision of the act #ClearTheAir"

"The video promoting a dangerous habit encourages second-hand smoking. The risks include cancers, respiratory & cardiovascular diseases." - The ministry tweeted.

It is still unclear if the Federal Government is going to take further actions against the video like banning it from being aired on TV stations.